Shipping made easy

Modernize your container shipping operations with an elegant, digital solution that you and your partners will love.

Learn how our cloud-based Shipping Management System brings greater control, increases efficiency and improves your supply chain.

Product features

Operational efficiency

Streamline your shipping operations by sharing data and documents with your existing partners on an intuitive collaboration platform.

End to end Control

Run real time updates and get alerts on risks issues and deviations.
Follow-up your partners activities in just one place instead of tons of emails.

Agile management

Immediate implementation and pay as you go. Adaptable to any organization and easy integration of new partners. You and your partners improve permanently your processes.


Accessing your shipment details in just a few clicks including all of your documents and real time tracking. Run performance reporting, access data and get benchmarks.


  • Unique transport file with all data, documents and partners
  • Door to door follow-up
  • Online transport updates available to all
  • Exception management to focus on added value tasks

Smooth operations

  • Set-up accounts for your company and your partners in a few minutes
  • Interface within days with your ERP, your carriers, and your freight forwarders
  • Adaptable to any organisation by focusing on data rather than processes
  • Prepare and send bookings, shipping instructions, and VGM in a few clicks

Better decisions

  • Analyse your options and choose the best one for each shipment
  • Optimum data quality with no more double entry
  • Optimum reactivity as updates are available to all online
  • Create and update your reporting to always improve your performance

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